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Voip Phone Systems

IP Telephony - VoIP / Voice Over Internet Protocol

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 What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice Over IP. IP stands for Internet Protocol. What does all this mean? In a nut shell, your telephone call uses your existing internet connection for the call, the same way the internet information is communicated to your computer. This allows you to reduce your communications bill by disconnecting the existing hard lines to your phone system.
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IP PBX VoIP Systems.
 Litecom offers IP PBX business phone system solutions which are a cost effective solution compared to traditional TDM PBX's. Our VoIP PBX's integrate with multiple VoIP Phone manufactures. The system also allows SIP trunking, which can lower monthly phone costs.
Litecom also specializes in VoIP engineering and Voice engineering Protocols.

Litecom examines each clients business model, and creates a custom solution to maximize success. This allows clients to focus on their core business, while Litecom examines the business model to create a call flow which maximizes productivity and their customer satisfaction.
Hosted VoIP
 What is Hosted VoIP / Hosted Phone?
 Hosted VoIP eliminates the need for an on-premise phone system. This is what we would call a control box for services. You may have heard the term "Cloud Services". Hosted falls into the category of Cloud Services. Basically the main control box functions in the cloud as a service, thus eliminating the need for additional equipment and cost at the local on-site level.
Multiple ways to use your phone. Use one or all three together.

  1. Use a physical IP phone
  2. Use softphone installed on your PC or laptop
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  3. Use our smartphone application
The cost savings include: *
  • No annual maintanence contract.
  • No equipment upgrade fees.
  • Most changes can be performed remotely, eliminating travel to site fees.
Traditional and on premise phone systems require maintanence of some sort, and can be compromised by power outtages and storm releated activity.

 Traditional and on premise phone systems require maintanence of some sort, and can be compromised by power outtages and storm releated activity.

*Hosted Eliminates on-Premise IP/PBX / Control Box / CPU
System and User Features
Most features apply to both On-Premise and Hosted solutions.

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These are some of the features:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Encryption
  • CRM - ZOHO CRM Integrated
  • IVR - Integrated Voice Response System
  • Auto Attendant
  • Time of Day / Day-of-Week / Month / Holiday Call Routing
  • Extension / Desk set forking. Thru a cell phone APP. Ties your desk phone to your cell phone and computer for receiving or making calls. Status and Chat Capabilities.
  • Call Park - Parking Lot
  • Custom Music on Hold.
  • Call Recording - Automatically record all calls
  • Integrated fax on inbound calls. This means your main phone number can receive faxes then emailed to you.
  • ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
  • Built in Paging. Uses phones to page thru. Paging Groups
  • Voice Call - Hands Free Internal Set to Set Calling
  • Group / Call Pickup
  • BLF - Busy Lamp Field
  • Remote Off Premise Users
  • Call Groups
  • Black List
  • Features accessed thru Web Console login
  • Voice mail to email
  • Desktop Messaging Email / Voice Mail capability, Email notification of voice mail with recorded voice mail attachment as a .WAV media file.
   Listen to voice mails thru GUI Web Login
  • User control of Ring Time (Admin Controlled)
  • Desktop application also can mirror phone as well as, Chat / Messenger with other workers
  • (DND) Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forward
  • Utilize Cell Phone as extension on PBX
  • CDR (Call Detail Recording) reports
  • Remote login access (Hosted Only)
  • On-Board conference bridge

voip phone(Hosted) You cal also take your desk phone from the office and use virtually anywhere there is internet access. For example, if you will be out sick or a physical injury requiring you to stay home. No data cable, No problem. Our phones can be setup to work on WiFi access as well.

nonrelated image   Users can have complete control over their extension services as well. Limited to Hosted Solution, or if On-Prem solution, local access only.
Features access thru Web Console login:
  • Ring time to voice mail
  • Email notification of voice mail with recorded voice mail attachment.
  • (DND) Do Not Disturb

**Cell phone integration. Make and recieve calls from your cell phone as if you were on a desk set, from anywhere there is cell coverage or over WiFi.

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