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VoIP Services Signup

VoIP SIP Trunk and Hosted Phone Plans:
No contracts, just good service.
Sign up is easy. By submitting the following information, you will not be billed or asked for a credit card.
Contact Litecom for additional details directly, or
To sign up for VoIP Services,
begin the process by creating an account. You will then be contacted by Litecom.
No payment is required during the signup process.

The competition:

Do not be fooled by letting some provider tell you they will "Give you phones for free"
The small print:
Other providers loop you into a finance contract for the phones, then sell the contract to a third party, which has nothing to do with monthly phone service. Coupled by high intrest rates between 12% to 20% and NO Way Out!!

Do not be fooled in believing the term "Unlimited".
Unlimited has an actual value. It is called a "Grace Limit"

Another Unlimited "Gotcha".
Other providers limit you on how many simultanious calls you can recieve or make, then charge for increased abilities.

Since you are in a contract not only are you trapped with their service, you are hostage to the finance company on the phones, usually for 3+ years.
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