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Hosted VoIP
 What is Hosted VoIP?
 Hosted VoIP eliminates the need for an on-premise phone system. This is what we would call a control box for services. You may have heard the term "Cloud Services". Hosted falls into the category of Cloud Services. Basically the main control box functions in the cloud as a service, thus eliminating the need for additional equipment and cost at the local on-site level. Click Here for more Details.
Multiple ways to use your phone. Use one or all three together.
  1. Use a physical IP phone
  2. Use softphone installed on your PC or laptop
  3. Use our smartphone application

 The cost savings of hosted over an on-premise solution include: *
  • No annual maintanence contract.
  • No equipment upgrade fees.
  • Most changes can be performed remotely, eliminating travel to site.
  • Mobile and Desktop Softphone Included
 Traditional and on premise phone systems require maintanence of some sort, and can be compromised by power outtages and storm releated activity.

*Hosted Eliminates on-Premise IP/PBX / Control Box / CPU

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