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VoIP Hosted

Hosted VoIP
 What is Hosted VoIP?
 Hosted VoIP eliminates the need for an on-premise phone system. This is what we would call a control box for services. You may have heard the term "Cloud Services". Hosted falls into the category of Cloud Services. Basically the main control box functions in the cloud as a service, thus eliminating the need for additional equipment and cost at the local on-site level. Click Here for more Details.
Multiple ways to use your phone. Use one or all three together.
  1. Use a physical IP phone
  2. Use softphone installed on your PC or laptop
  3. Use our smartphone application

 The cost savings of hosted over an on-premise solution include: *
  • No annual maintanence contract.
  • No equipment upgrade fees.
  • Most changes can be performed remotely, eliminating travel to site.
 Traditional and on premise phone systems require maintanence of some sort, and can be compromised by power outtages and storm releated activity.

*Hosted Eliminates on-Premise IP/PBX / Control Box / CPU

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