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Nortel IP PBX Cost Effective Replacement Solutions


MYTH: If you have Nortel equipment, you had better replace everything, FAST>>>

 We know Nortel is gone, but lets face it. It was the number 1 selling phone system, and most widely used. Nortel was involved in more than just business phone systems, and those products were the cause of their demise, not the PBX's. Their phones just keep going, but it is the core systems that are difficult to service and keep going, mainly in part to required patches and key codes needed to revive an old system.

*Litecom offers an alternative solution to just throwing out your existing Nortel investment, your phones. Your investment includes thousands spent on phones, training on those phones and call features. Imagine keeping the long term investment and not having to re-train staff or purchase new phones.

 Now wait just a minute, "I want rid of those old phones" you say. We are not saying you have to keep them, although you may. WOW, choices.

  This Advanced Technological VoIP system will support any NON-Proprietary IP phone or Nortel IP Phones, as well as TDMA Norstar, Meridian Legacy and 3900 Series sets.
 Moving to a VoIP phone set solution requires the change out of other network equipment. Our system is an Advanced Technology VoIP Solution, with cost saving options. Our solution allows a cost effective way to transition from your old telephony solution without spending the money all at once, while still migrating to an Advanced Technology VoIP Solution, and its cost saving benefits and Features. As the old phones sets die, you can replace them with another phone set, or, any NON-Proprietary IP phone or Nortel IP Phone. The system supports both solutions at once. This allows you to break up your budgeted communications and network dollars, and still achieve your goals of a total VoIP transition to the desktop. It’s your choice. Our competitor’s solution requires you to "Integrate" their solution with your current equipment, until such time to migrate. Our Advanced Technology VoIP Solution provides an immediate transition at the core level all at once, without replacing phone sets.


Phase 1: Change out the old Nortel brains (CPU) (CORE) for an Advanced Technology VoIP Solution, at a fraction of the cost of current proprietary solutions. Keep in place the current phone sets for now, or until the phone sets break. Keep this solution forever if you like. Keep saving money.

Phase 2: Upgrade the current network to support VoIP phones to the desktop. Change existing phones out for VoIP phones all at once, or slowly migrate. It's your choice. And you still save money.

*Nortel- Litecom offers one of three solutions.
1. A VoIP solution allowing the use of Nortel
IP phones without using the Nortel CPU Platform.
2. The use of Norstar TDM sets on an IP PBX Platform.
3. And now, keep your legacy Meridian or 39xx series phones.

This allows for maximum financial investment utilization (ROI) of Nortel Phones purchased previously, while migrating to a different IP Platform, escaping the dreaded SRS Program. This
Advanced Technology VoIP Solution, also allows for phone replacement using virtualy any IP phone on the market.

The system also support SIP trunking, further saving you money.

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