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Nortel History

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   We all know Nortel is gone, but let’s face it. It was the number 1 selling phone system, and most widely used. Nortel was involved in more than just business phone systems, and those decisions and products were the cause of their demise, not the PBX's. Their phones just keep going, but it is the core systems that are difficult to service and keep going, mainly in part to the required patches and key codes needed to revive an old system.
 After 2003, the product began an amazing roller coaster ride, pretty much bailing out on the earlier Equipment Greenhouse strategy (Core Hardware, Backward / Forward Compatibility). Prior to 2001, the goal was to be able to migrate forward, using existing core hardware.  After 2003, there are a multitude of core hardware variations as time, very short time progressed. The Greenhouse was burned to the ground.
 They made so many core changes, about every six months, it would be, from a technician standpoint, difficult to keep up with those core specific changes.  Since the product is DEAD, why bother to try and find literature, much less spend money on core equipment, which will NEVER, and we mean NEVER, be upgradable to a new, higher core level product, until now. Many systems are out there, running strong, as they were built to do. Just waiting for the big power surge or failure, the next lightning strike, to take it out.  But the phones, the phones themselves are long lived pieces of the equation. The phones remained migratable. The phones have provided BIG ROI (Return on Investment). The employees are well trained on the features.
 Better than 90% of Nortel customers, are Un-aware of the fast and furious Core and software changes that took place. The systems they purchased, are locked in time, with that equipment’s specific and unique core platform quirk’s, and dead ends. The software and hardware differences, the software and equipment necessary to communicate and even make changes within the systems, differs. Even making one system platform communicate with another, different.
 Litecom does service and support Nortel systems, both big and small. We hear many times, “It’s a Nortel, can you just come look at it”. They are all the same, right?
Not even close. Even the computer operating systems used to work on them have changed. Windows XP, gone. They required certain levels of JAVA, security risks, not even installed anymore. The list goes on and on.

Let’s look at transportation for a minute. Trains, and the “Age of Steam”. A great and powerful time. A great time of ingenuity, and fantastic engines, requiring maintenance. As time progressed, the diesel electric became more efficient, replacing steam. Reluctantly, railroads made the change. Engineers and operators resisted change. Some employees made the education jump, and learned to operate diesel’s, while others held on to the past, refusing to accept, or unable to make the change. Left behind, or got out of the business. Now, we are in the age of electric and bullet trains.
Nortel’s time was great, but now a legend in time……   

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