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Business / Enterprise Network Solutions

Litecom provides technical services for Business Networks and support for traditional Networks and Wireless Networks. We also support, troubleshoot and sell various routers, switches and other network components. Litecom also serves as a consulting entity for new and existing networks
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A properly engineered network will support Voice without purchasing a separate network pipe
or ISP (Internet) connection.

Our Network Services include but not limited to:
  • Sales / Support / Engineering
  • Layer 3
  • Router / Firewall programming
  • Layer 2
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Security
  • VoIP engineering evaluation
  • Training and Support
  • Wireless protocols
  • Wireless Security
  • Enterprise Wireless Audits
  • Solve VoIP phone call issues
  • Dropping internet connections
  • Slow internet
 The internet is filled full of, to say the least, interesting advice on resolving issues. The fact is, there is a real high level technical reason you are having issues. Most advice online will result in making things worse and usually lead you to infecting your computer. Most sites as well as video sites offering advice are getting paid just for you clicking on them and visiting their site. So they are the one's making money while you try and resolve your issue's.
 Remember, you make an appointment and go see the doctor for a reason. There is still not a discount medical instrument supply chain, offering you tools and manuals to cut your self open and operate on yourself. Nothing suggesting your family member or neighbor knock you out, and work on you.

 The I.T. field requires years of Technical training and certifications coupled and backed with actual Enterprise level experience. Sounds like your doctor, RIGHT?

Slow Internet Troubleshooting myths:
  • Restart your computer
  • Restart your ethernet adapter
  • Windows Network Troubleshooter
  • Restart router or switch
  • Try a different port on your router or switch
  • Download a free Malware program
  • Replace your ethernet cable
  • Disconnect VPN software
  • Hit it with a large object
All of these sound like you are fixing something, but in fact you are fixing nothing at all and most likely, you contracted a virus while doing so.

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