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Computer Managed Services Provider

 I.T. Services includes many things.
 I.T. services are typically categorized as everything within the technology realm as a higher-level category accompanied by many sub-categories. Managed services are services which an internal I.T. Department would normally address with a full time employed staff.
   At Litecom, Business Managed I.T. services can be compartmentalized to scale, based on the different needs of each client or a clients own internal I.T. Department needs or support. An I.T. company would be more like a fire department, only coming when
called and there is a fire. Whereas a Managed I.T. Services Company such as Litecom, not only provides I.T. Services, but also monitors network equipment as well as computers. We watch and monitor for irregularities in the network which may turn into a catastrophic or business debilitating event later, or in the near or distant future. The Managed I.T. Services model which Litecom follows is more of a hybrid business model. We think of it more like an à la carte service. Some clients balance their internal, on-staff I.T. Department with Litecom Managed I.T. Services. This allows them to operate efficiently within their skill sets and leverage new technology and solutions for upgrades and infrastructure advancements coupled with I.T. Consulting for a continuous technology strategy, coupled with overall profitability strategies. This also ushers in training opportunities for existing I.T. staff with support, better enhancing business stability and employee satisfaction, both technical and from the end user perspective.
Litecom’s Managed I.T. Services business model, unlike many of the competitors, does not recommend the elimination of I.T Staff employees. As you can see, based on the above information, we strive to Enhance the existing I.T. staff, while, providing, supporting, and assisting them in new technology strategies creating more value in the overall team.
 Litecom Managed I.T. Services offers the same great benefits to clients with NO on-staff I.T. employees to speak of. We offer the same hybrid I.T. Services coupled with consulting including the same wide range of diversity in technology solutions, while enhancing business stability and employee satisfaction, both technical and from the end user perspective.
Litecom offers NO CONTRACT solutions while striving to enhance the client’s business objectives.
 At Litecom, we know the goal of Engineering Successful Business Technology Solutions will always produce the best outcome for everyone. Success.
 Litecom also performs as a consultant with the same goals as stated above. We realize that there are many things to examine from a business perspective and use the combined pooled experience from every situation we have encountered to maximize a successful technology business strategy in an attempt to maximize success and present it to the client.

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