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Computer Managed Services Provider


 Litecom is a Managed Services Provider.

Our solution is not consumer based, and cannot be purchased. It is offered as a service only.

 Business Class / Enterprise Class, Antivirus / Firewall protection for your servers, desktops and laptops. The agent package also includes Artificial Intelligence, Hyper Detect, Ransomeware Huristics, Web Content Filtering as well as Patching and Security Updates for over 600 applications.

Supports Windows and Apple.
  A virus or threat can ruin your day in minutes.  Fast and effective protection against viruses and malware.

Managed Protection, managed by Litecom.

Myth: All Anti-Virus software is the same.

False: Each Anti-Virus product is different in some way. Some are better than others, and most certainly not created equal.

Myth: Since I have Anti-Virus software loaded, I can do whatever I want, and surf worry free, knowing I am protected.

False: Anti-Virus software is never full proof. It provides extra security, but cannot fully protect your machine, from you.

Think of Anti-Virus software as seat belts and airbags:

Equipping vehicles with seat belts and airbags reduce injury, and in some cases prevent injury, but no guarantee implied you will never be injured. You must always be careful where and how you drive.

No “ONE” Anti-Virus software is 100%.  Remember, you are the driver.

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