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Infinity One

Limited to Hosted Solution, or if On-Prem solution, local access only.

The Infinity One Chat feature set includes…
  • Multiple channel types (public, private, direct messaging)
  • Favorite channels
  • @mentions with audible and badge notifications
  • Messaging Presence with override)
  • Message editing, pinning, starring, deleting
  • 30 slash commands (create room, invite user, ...)
  • Autolink and preview urls
  • Drag and drop file update with image and video preview
  • Emoji support with picker
  • Message reactions
  • Unread message handling
  • Customizable Role and Permission system
  • Basic Bot experimental support
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Profile editing and admin pages
  • Easy configuration
  • Peer to peer WebRTC Video
  • Peer to peer WebRTC Audio
  • Presence adapters for on-the-phone presence with the UCx
  • SMS notifications
  • OTR (off the record) Conversations
  • Live chat feature
  • 3rd party integration (web hooks, Rest API)
  • BitBucket
  • Github
  • Jira
  • OAuth and LDAP
  • XMPP Integration
  • Internalization
  • UI theming
Business Class / Enterprise Class
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