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Windows 10 update ICON

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Tired of seeing that Windows 10 upgrade ICON on the tool bar?
How to remove the Windows 10 notification ICON on the tool bar, assuming you are not ready to upgrade to Windows 10 just yet.

Windows 10 update notification, KB3035583

Open Control Panel> Windows Updates

In the lower left corner click "Installed Updates"

In the upper right corner, the search window will now say "Search for installed updates"

TYPE   KB3035583  into the search box, then press the "TAB" key on the key board.
Once found,
Click once, highlight, with your mouse and Uninstall.

The machine will require a reboot.

After reboot,
Open Control Panel> Windows Updates.

Check for updates. This update will show up. Show updates. Right click, and "Hide this Update".
Click  "OK"

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