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Skylink vehicle tracking

Skylink vehicle tracking. This is similar to LoJack. It is a device hiden in a vehicle to provide tracking and also can shut off the ignition. A few years ago they were aquired by Spereon which also owns LoJack. Most people probably bought their Skylink during a vehicle purchase at a dealership. The product was sold as a "Life Time" product. Since their aquisition Skylink was put to bed with no notification to its customer base. So much for "Life Time". As well, their tracking is 3G and Sprint based. Both of which are also dead. So your Skylink is just sitting there doing nothing now, tied into your ignition system just waiting to cause issues. Great, time to pay the dealership to remove that thing.
When you call Skylink to complain, they will suggest purchasing a LoJack system. Why purchase something from a company which is not forward looking.
A great solution is Drone Mobile and a Compustar Remote start and alarm system with GPS tracking. Like a T12 with 4G LTE Model: RFX-2WT12-SS, RFX-P2WT12-SS for example. If you are going to spend that kind of money, just go for the whole kitchen sink. Compustar works to build forward looking equipment with 4G and remote start.

Internet browsing Security

Used to be, Microsoft was able to brag about trying to keep you safe, and stick to operating system best practices. Now, Microsoft has gone off the rails trying to compete against Google by adding in internet surfing monitors. Their browser is now more unsafe than Google. They track and throw buying ideas at you thru their Edge browser and Bing search engine. Those used to be a clean and safe way to access the internet, but no more.
Firefox is currently our recommended browser for our clients and as the search engine. Combined, they do not track or offer you rewards at every click.

Meltdown and Spectre

On January 2, 2018, reports surfaced of a serious design flaw in Intel CPUs that could permit attackers to gain unathorized access to a computer's memory.
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