Wireless Reviews #1

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Wireless Reviews #1

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Published in Wireless · 16 July 2014

Here is a review taken from a product website from a customer.

I was looking for a wireless AP to improve the signal in my house, but it does have issues. The bundled setup software will only find the access point 50% of the time. You have to refresh in order for the software to find it on your network. I have tried setting it up as an AP and an AP Client and it fails at the point of wireless connection with my router. Sometimes it will fail just setting up the mode of the unit for no apparent reason. Even when it is set up for DHCP, it will fail to grab an IP address most times. When it does grab an IP address, it will not establish a connection with my AT&T Uverse router. I have looked for updated firmware, but it is set up the latest from July of 2010. I have 9 different wireless devices including internet radios, laptops and gaming consoles connected to my Uverse router using simple 64bit WEP without issues, but this access point will not connect at all. Time to RMA the unit and find something more robust.

Wireless transmission is required by law (IEEE) not to exceed a certain power output. Therefore, switching to another wireless product may not be the answer. As well, there is nothing straightforward about setting wireless, unless you are very experienced. Just because you get it to work, does not mean you understand the why.

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