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SIP Trunking

Litecom, Network, Data, VoIP Technology Integrators
Published in VoIP Services · 9 September 2014
What is a SIP trunk  and Speech Path anyway?
 SIP trunks represent service from the phone company, it just uses the internet pipe for connectivity. A speech path is not bound (dedicated) to any particular DID number. It functions the same as a PRI or T1. Just think of it as, PRI in the "cloud"  with unlimited capable speech paths (Bearer channels). A speech path does not belong to a phone (device). It remains dormant until someone on the system uses it, the same way a PRI works on your current system. A speech path is nothing more than a purchased pathway to an end point, and remains dormant until used. The speech path exists within the IP/Internet / network realm (the cloud to the device).

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