What is a CPE Vendor?

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What is a CPE Vendor?

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Published in CPE Vendor · 20 July 2014

 What is a CPE Vendor?
 CPE stands for, Customer Premise Equipment. The CPE Vendor works for the end user / buyer, on their behalf.

Example 1: A business needs to purchase or needs assistance with their phone system, network or computer needs. They hire or utilize the prefessional services of a CPE Vendor. Since the CPE vendor performs these functions on a day to day basis, they are more equiped and knowledgable on the products which will meet the customers needs.

Example 2: The CPE Vendor as a consultant. The end user is having trouble with their phone or internet service. The provider does not find an issue with their equipment, and suggests the end user call their CPE vendor. The end user believes the provider is working to resolve the issue, but in fact, they are working to rule out their equipment as the problem. The end user becomes frustrated because of the misconception the provider is supposed to fix the issue, when indeed, it is the end user whom most of the time, must troubleshoot their own equipment, in order to rule out the (their equipment) "CPE", and thus argue with the provider, of where the fix, or issue lies.

 This is where the CPE Vendor comes into the picture. The CPE vendor has more leverage as a professional services company, with knowledgeable staff, works on behalf of the end user, and paid by the end user, to act on the end user’s behalf. The providers are more likely to work with a CPE Vendor, because they are not emotionaly attached. Thus eleminating emotional non productive time, and actually, technically working the issue based on facts.

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