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 Most people view spending on IT services as an expense, similar to, Return on Investment (R.O.I.), but in reality, it is, Return on Consequence (R.O.C.).

 That slogan “You can pay me now or you can pay me later” was a marketing campaign from "Fram" oil filters. Meaning you can pay a little for an oil change and new filter now, or a lot for an engine rebuild later. The slogan still holds true today even for Technical and Telecom Services.

The internet of things is great, right? With access to what appears to be great "FREE" stuff, like Freeware and free tools to take care of I.T. issues, as well as this phrase, “My wifes Nephew Billy is good with computers, he takes care of that for us”.  

Billy will make you pay later. You will pay A LOT Later.

 In this case, you prolonged the issues. Billy keeps trying, and asking his pals, and the guys in the big box stores TV section what they think. You and Billy are signing up on BLOG sites, reading and asking questions, getting suggestions from non-professional and non-business people, and their thoughts. Have you ever noticed that none of the advice ever suggests, "They do not know the answer, why not contact a professional"? Stop and think about that for a moment. Have you ever seen one single time on a Blog, WiKi or Forum that statement, "Contact a professional", or "I am not an industry certified professional".
 You will continue to pay, in time, and importantly, $$Money, as time slides by, hoping Billy figures it out.

On the bright side, your employees have gotten paid to watch you and Billy surf the web and drink coffee. By the way, Billy's full time job is selling shoes, and he built a gaming computer once, and played a lot of games, so you know he has to be an I.T. expert, right?

 In the end, you will have spent time and money, much more than if you had hired the professionals, that do this every day for over 30+ years, coupled with years of paid education, to just address the issues. After all, this is all we do. We hear the same story about Billy at almost every new customer site. We see the same mistakes, and mis-understandings.  Each solution is different, because Billy and his friends told you to buy this and try that.  So the fix will always vary, but how you arrived here is the same. The amount of time it took to get here varies, on when you asked yourself, "Do I want to be an I.T. professional"?  Do I want to go to night school for 4+ years to become an I.T. Professional? The answer is probably NO!
Just remember, nothing is free, and actual ethical, educated seasoned professionals do not post blogs with solutions, EVER!! We realize by posting something, it usually will never apply to what you are experiencing, and Billy is probably the one reading and trying to interpret what is being implied. Because Billy has no training or education in the field, he is throwing gas on the fire.

 Most people view spending on IT services as an expense, similar to, Return on Investment (R.O.I.), but in reality, it is, Return on Consequence (R.O.C.). How much time have you lost? How many employee work hours lost? More than if you had just called a professional to look at it. And now, the damage Billy did, must be undone, then work to solve the original issue. Billy costs you double or triple after all is said and done.

 Stop wasting both time and money. Call Litecom today. This is what we do, and we enjoy doing it.

Our Passion: Engineering Successful Business Technology Solutions
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