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VoIP IP PBX Business Phone System Support

Litecom provides support of many VoIP Systems and equipment.

 First let us say, while there are many blogs discussing the ways to fix VoIP, it just is not true. Think of it as trying to self diagnose a medical condition. It's just not going to happen unless you visit the doctor, or in our case, the doctor comes to you.

 In this case, it requires a house call. There is "No one answer", and guessing about it over the phone will never fix anything. Anyone trying to troubleshoot VoIP over the phone is just kidding themselves.  VoIP is high level, and far surpasses most telecom technicians, IT Professionals, and network professionals abilities. At a minimum, a CCNA certification should be required.
 It takes a well seasoned telecom professional of over 20 years experience, coupled with advanced network training and network certifications, just to comprehend the needs, and fully understand why and what is the cause, and an action plan for success.

Services include but not limited to:

  • VoIP troubleshooting
  • Dropping internet connections
  • Slow internet
  • Auto attendant configuration

  • SIP Trunk Provider setup

  • Inbound / Outbound route configuration

  • Dialing Plans and Translations

  • IVR

  • Contact Center

  • Networking

The solution, contact Litecom
There is no single one solution, wiki or blog that is going to solve this issue, and certainly not a local computer repair, box store location or telecom technician. Every location presents it's own challenges and solutions.  A CCNA certified professional
Business Class / Enterprise Class
Our Passion: Engineering Successful Business Technology Solutions
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