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SIP trunk plans:
SIP Trunk with 1 DID:
$30.00 per month in addition to:

  • Usage charges, $00.02 per minute (2 cents), inbound or outbound
    within the (U.S.) 48 states. Rates vary outside of the U.S. by country.
  • (Includes) 25 speech paths (Up to 25 simultaneous calls) more on request

Additional fees:
  • Account Setup Fee of $250.00
  • Number porting charge $20.00 per number ported
  • DID's requiring 911, total DID and 911 monthly charge $4.50. Sounds complicated, but it is not.
  • 911 setup fee $3.00 per DID
  • Additional DID's not requiring 911, monthly charge $2.75

*800 numbers and rates may vary

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