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  • VoIP

  • Lan Trace

  • Sniffer


  • Security

  • Installation

  • Deployment

  • Engineering

  • Evaluation


  • Routing

  • Switching

  • Security

  • Firewall

Litecom manages and maintains many different network manufactures equipment. Litecom also specializes in VoIP network stability, and VoIP call network engineering .

A properly engineered network will support Voice without purchasing a separate network pipe

or ISP (Internet) connection.

Our Network Services include but not limited to:

  • Layer 3 - Router and routing programming

  • Layer 2 -  

  • Network Engineering

  • Network Security

  • VoIP engineering evaluation

  • Training and Support

  • Wireless protocols

  • Wireless Security

  • Enterprise Wireless Audits

  • Solve choppy VoIP phone calls and poor voice quality

  • Dropping internet connections

  • Slow internet

Business Class / Enterprise Class
Our Passion: Engineering Successful Business Technology Solutions
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