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Guest WiFi Hot Spot

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Litecom's WiFi AP Controller Guest hotspot solution. Is NOT a technology store product.

incorporates a "Splash Page" with a logon and password field, accompanied by a legal "Terms and Agreement" section. The "Terms and Agreement" statement is very important to have.

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Logon and password

  • Authentication

  • Opportunity to present information such as Sales and Specials to user (customer) during exchange of logon information

  • Terms and Agreement Disclosure during logon

  • Employee / Customer Interaction

  • Customer Return

  • Promote your Business

  • No Monthly Fees

After the customer or user logs on, they are transferred to a web page (your specials or information page) maintained by you. This allows the customer the opportunity to view important information before going to their preferred site. And because you are in control of your web site, you can customize daily, weekly or monthly the specials or information you need to present to your customers.
Features include

  • Cookie Time Out

  • Session Time Out

  • Bandwidth Usage of Each User

  • Number of Simultaneous Users

  • Built-in Firewall

  • Logon and password Authentication

Our guest solution incorporates an Enterprise Grade Controller along with Enterprise Grade Wireless Access Points. These products are business class. Each install is custom programmed to fit the network and business needs it integrates with.

Business Class / Enterprise Class
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