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Data Desktop Support Disaster Recovery Storage


Litecom provides a vast array of data services. Data services encompass PC component additions, new PC, new servers, upgrades, hard drive expansion, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery.   

Our Data services include on-site redundancy, maintenance, off-premise co-location and remote backup, equipment additions and replacement.  

  Your Data is important. Don't wait until a system failure occurs. Litecom
can Implement a back-up plan, and help you sleep a little easier.  Its not a matter of if its going to fail, just when.

provides custom new computer and server build-out to customer specifications. Currently Win 7 is still available.

Disaster recovery begins with a solid backup plan, accompanied with a sound hardware solution.

Good backup processes are difficult to practice. These products make the backup process and recovery more efficient. Having a network drive, creates a centralized storage point for all PC's and backup images. This centralized storage make accessing the information easy and convenient for the office personal, or family business plan. No more fighting, or working on the file sharing strategy. As well, these devices offer dual drives. When installed as a Raid1 configuration, they automatically mirror the primary drive.

Business Class / Enterprise Class
Our Passion: Engineering Successful Business Technology Solutions
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