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Information Technology
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I.T. Services. Whether you have one employee, or many, Litecom can help
Litecom provides technical services, Business Networks and support for traditional Networks and Wireless Networks. We also support, troubleshoot and sell various routers, switches and other network components. Litecom also serves as a consulting entity for new and existing networks.
Litecom provides computer / desktop sales, technical services for data, server products. We support and install various product lines.
Network file storage, PC backup solutions. Enterprise Anti-Virus / Filewall solutions.
Telecommunications / VoIP
 We fix VoIP ( Voice-Over-IP) problems. Do you hate your phone. Wish it sounded great. Contact Litecom. We specialize in VoIP sales, support and troubleshooting. We provide VoIP (IP PBX) Advanced Technology Business Phone System Solutions as well as, traditional telephony (TDM) sales and support. Litecom's IP/PBX meets Kari's Law requirements (Learn More).
Business Class / Enterprise Class
Our Passion: Engineering Successful Business Technology Solutions
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